About company
What is ZERDEX?
ZERDEX is a trademark of Advance Logic Solution OU, the developer of trading robots that you can rent to increase your cryptocurrency. How does ZERDEX work?
Instructions for working with the robot.
What is the concept of the trading robot?
We have developed and keep on creating models of trading robots based on the usage of algorithms. Below are links to the description of our main models and the concepts of their work: http://zerdex.ee/katalog161/
What is a trading algorithm?
A trading algorithm is a set of rules written in a computer language that is designed to execute transactions on the exchange without human intervention. Trading algorithms can use one or several strategies for entry and exit points.

What exchanges are available for your trading robots?

How to start using the app?
What do I need to start using the platform?
To start using our platform, you need to take 2 steps: 1. Register an account on the exchange with which the robot model you want to rent works and deposit into the account from 2 BTC 2. Register with the Robot Rental app and create an account

Send us the API keys from your stock exchange account that will allow the robot to trade. ONLY DEALS. The keys you send do not allow the robot to deposit or withdraw funds from your account. A detailed description of the entire stage is available in the Instruction application.

How to register on the platform / what do I need to register on the platform?
You do not need to go through the KYC / AML procedure on our platform. When you click on the button "Rent a robot" on the website zerdex.ee, you get to the application where you create an account, indicating your contact details.

Which exchanges are connected to ZERDEX?
We are currently working with Okex, Binance, Huobi.
Do I need to transfer funds to the
management of "ZERDEX"?

No. ZERDEX does not manage your funds. All transactions take place on your personal stock exchange account.

What is the minimum amount I should have
on my stock exchange account?

At the moment, for the most efficient use of your funds, we recommend that your account be from 2 BTC. This is due to the strategy that our robots use. For full-fledged trading and the most effective multiplication of your cryptocurrency.

Why do not you publish / explain the logic of trading
strategies of your robots?

The logic of each algorithm is protected by copyright, as it is the intellectual property of the algorithm developer. In case where we publish our strategies, they will become a lost competitive advantage.
Who develops the algorithms?
Our team consists of experienced traders, mathematicians, professional analysts and qualified programmers. All of them have sufficient experience and competence so that the result of their work is the creation of the most effective strategies used in the cryptocurrency market.

Can I change the actions of the algorithm?
Each algorithm has an internal logic that directly affects its decision and results, so you cannot change the algorithms.

Do robots guarantee profits?
No, a trading robot cannot provide a predetermined result, but we provide data based on the results of trades that will help you to choose a particular robot, based on its profit / yield.

How much can I earn on trading robots?
You can see the profitability for each of the models of robots offered in our application "Robots" or Product

How to connect a robot?
First of all, you need to register an account on one of the crypto-bills, depending on whether the robot you want to rent works on it. Then you need to deposit into the account from 2 BTC. After that, you send us the generated API keys that allow the robot to trade. ONLY DEALS. Those keys that you send us do not give the robot the right to withdraw / deposit your funds from your account.

What is the benefit of ZERDEX?
The basis of the income of the company "ZERDEX" is the rental payment received from the use of our robots. We offer you two payment options: 1) 15% of BTC profits and 15% of USDT profits. 2) 30% of BTC profits With zero income rental payment is not charged.

What is a rental payment?
Rental payment is a payment for the use of a trading robot. If the robot shows a profit, we calculate the amount of the rental payment and inform you of the need to pay it to the client.
What happens if the robot loses money during
the trading period?

Unfortunately, this situation can happen indeed. Trading robots assumes temporary drawdowns during trading. (You can choose a robot taking into account the maximum allowable percentage drawdown of this model). As a result, the client incurs losses, which is similar to the purchase of shares until its price decreases. In this case, “ZERDEX” does not receive any income.

Who develops the algorithms?
The robot in the trading process displays a profit or loss in your account. In case of loss, the size of the loss divided by the size of the initial balance of funds will show the size of the drawdown. You can choose the strategy of the robot, taking into account the reduction in your account in percentage you agree to allow.

When do I pay rent for using a robot?
In your personal account, the calculation of the rental payment based on the trading results of the robot for one calendar month will be available, also this information will be duplicated to your contact e-mail. You are given 5 working days to pay the rent. If within 5 days you do not make a payment of the rental payment, your robot will be stopped.

What happens if I do not pay the rental payment?
If within 5 calendar days the rental payment is not paid, the trading robot will be stopped. After the debt is credited to our account, the robot will start trading again after three calendar days.

Can I deposit / withdraw assets from my account
while the robot is running?

Any entry or withdrawal of assets from the account may cause the robot stopping. Please check if the robot is active after withdrawing or depositing funds from your account.

What is the advantage of using trading robots?
The main advantage of our robots is that, unlike investors, who have chosen cryptocurrency storage strategies on stock exchange accounts or wallets, our clients receive from 100% to 300% profit in addition to their funds invested in cryptocurrency.
Where can I get information about the trading deals
of the robot I rented?

When registering in the application “my.zerdex.ee” in your personal account, you will have access to all the information about the trade transactions of the robot rented by you https://my.zerdex.ee/#/crl/financials You can also subscribe to the Telegram channel, where at a convenient time for you, you will receive information about the results of trading robot. Information will be available on any type of your device: computer, tablet or smartphone.
Who can I contact if I have any questions?
On the website “www.zerdex.ee” you can find the “Feedback” section, where you can ask any question in the form of a chat.