Stages of customer interaction, the company
ZERDEX application for cryptoalgorithms trade

Registration in your account
Create an account

You will receive a confirmation link to the entered email

You activate your account by following the link


Referral link
If you came to us by the referral program


Account on crypto-exchange
Each robot trades on one of the exchanges:


You create an account on one of the exchanges, generate API keys

a) Create a wallet, buy cryptocurrency
b) You have a wallet and cryptocurrency. Create an account on the exchange, create API keys

You create an If you have altcoins, the exchange is possible on the exchange itself or in this sectionaccount on one of the
exchanges, generate API keys


Important: Create a wallet without the right to withdraw / deposit funds to a third party.
Only you have access to your wallet

The choice of a robot
In the Section "available robots" you can get acquainted with the history of each robot and choose any suitable for you


Generation API and wallet, run the robot

Selecting the robot, click on "RENT»

Complete the sections (choose api Key and secret Key exchange account)

"HIRE" button, you connect the robot


You can change the settings of the robot

Select the payment scheme of the rental fee

Starting the robot (merging with your account) will be within 24 hours

You can connect one or more robots, the minimum amount to run the robot is from 2 btc

IMPORTANT: you can disable the robot at any time.

Generation API and wallet, run the robot

IP key on the Huobi exchange

Your key will be valid for 90 days, upon your request we

provide you with an IP address that does not need to be constantly updated

Key IP on the exchange Okex

There are no restrictions, the exchange allows you to create up to 50 API keys

Robot report
After a month from the start of trading, the robot sends you the calculation of the results for the month:
a) Sent an email
b) the Result is displayed in your account
c) Telegram channel with trade reports (channel address)

Each report calculates the amount of commission you have to pay. Within three calendar days, the rental fee must be paid. If the account is not paid, the system turns off the robot, and the robot stops trading

If you turned off the robot without prior notice of termination of the contract or the robot was stopped by the system for failure to pay commissions from the moment it was re-enabled, all reporting on the profitability of this account starts from zero. (The previous trading history is preserved, but the calculation of commissions is carried out from the moment of re-inclusion)