Cryptoalgorithms robots 

About us

Our strategies are created by talented mathematcians and experienced traders, with years of experience on the stock exchanges. All algorithms were created taking into account the peculiarites of trading in the cryptocurrency market. All strategies are traded throughout the year and have shown high profitability and reliability in the highly volatle market.

The advantages of our method is popular due to the huge number of possibilites, among which we can highlight the following:


Our robot can not put an extra comma when determining the price or open the wrong deal (sell instead of buy). The robot will trade based on the sequence that was laid down in it by the programmer.

The ability to instantly make a proft

For self-trading, it is necessary to carefully study the stock market or cryptocurrency exchange, gain experience, losing a certain part of the capital. Our algorithmic trading allows you to earn even beginners who have rented our sofware.

The ability to work around the clock

Professional traders are aware that sometmes you have to wait for hours or days for a favorable moment to open a deal. As a result, you need to constantly be at the monitor and monitor the market movement. The robot will cope with such a task: it will be able to patently monitor the schedule 24 hours a day, without losing its efciency.

Speed of operaton

Human capabilites are limited: he can not keep track of a large number of charts at the same tme, and our robot is able to monitor the changes in quotes and indicators, as well as open many transactons at the same tame.

The lack of emotons and external irritants

The program can make decisions arising from the algorithm embedded in it. The trading robot will not be afraid, lazy or in a hurry, which will certainly afect the success of open transactons.

The advantage of algorithmic trading is its versatlity and scalability. In manual trading, for each currency or asset it is necessary to conduct research to gain knowledge and study their features. As for the sofware, it can be adapted to work with any cryptocurrency. If necessary, you can change the setngs yourself, choosing a more or less risky trading strategy. Due to this, our robots can provide high profitability. The functonality of the robot is unlimited and depends only on the developerss experience.

Thus, crypto-algorithms are one of the most profitable and promising areas of actvity. Exchange trading, like other areas of actvity, does not stand stll and is automated. The result, which is shown in recent years, exchange algorithms, proves their efectveness and the inability of the average person to achieve such results. Robotc systems are deprived of the confidence of traditonal traders, which leads to a phasing out of manual trading.

The data are compiled on the basis of back testing and real trading. The graphs show a model for using trading algorithms on crypto-exchanges in test mode without using real money.

We’ve done deep research between the peers that are marketed. So can confidently say that we’ve done the most profitable trading strategies on the date. The implementation of our trading models will help you to understand the real values of the work we’ve done.


RETURN                                                             PROFITABLE DAYS                                                             DRAWDOWNS 

Annual return, %: 121.41                                    Average profitable day, %: 0.42                                              Max drawdown, %: 19.44              

Max daily return, %: 24.66                                 Number of profitable days, %: 53.42                                      Average drawdown, %: 5.74                          

Max drawdown, %: 19.44                                  Maximum number of profitable days in a row: 7.0                 Longest period in a drawdown days: 100.0               

Current date:  2019-03-31


RETURN                                                     PROFITABLE DAYS                                                                              DRAWDOWNS

Annual return, %: 136.89                            Average profitable day, %: 0.46                                                               Max drawdown, %: 10.92

Max daily return, %: 18.1                           Number of profitable days, %: 51.3                                                         Average drawdown, %: 3.77

Max drawdown, %: 10.92                           Maximum number of profitable days in a row: 5.0                                 Longest period in a drawdown days: 81.0          

Current date:  2019-03-31


RETURN                                                             PROFITABLE DAYS                                                                           DRAWDOWNS                                                               

Annual return, %: 88.96                                      Average profitable day, %: 0.31                                                            Max drawdown, %: 32.02

Max daily return, %: 26.41                                 Number of profitable days, %: 50.82                                                    Average drawdown, %: 7.5

Max drawdown, %: 32.02                                  Maximum number of profitable days in a row: 5.0                               Longest period in a drawdown days: 100.0     

Current date:  2019-03-31